RAPID  Change

The course of our lives is full of challenges, twists, and turns, some of which bring a welcome change while others may hinder our happiness.  At times, we may even get lost along the way and require guidance to find our way back.  Our ongoing struggle with life's journey shows the resilience of the human heart, body, and soul; however, sometimes we must admit that we cannot always reach our destination alone.

When you long for a life to be different, Irene Giessl, EdD, and Barbara Hensley, EdD, at the Cincinnati Trauma Connection can help you build on your own strengths.  They offer insightful, focused solutions for individuals, couples, and families.

Releasing the grip of past experience

Change can be a difficult process.  Individuals who have experienced painful events may feel themselves living out these memories in the present; in fact, some people seem to be frozen in emotional shock.  They have difficulty moving forward in life and growing naturally with each new experience. Distressing events may also lead to life-altering difficulties, among them:

​Adjustment Disorders ● Addictions ● Anxiety Disorders ● Childhood Abuse ● Chronic Pain ● Depression ● Grief/Loss ● Life Transitions  
● Panic ● Personal Growth ● Phobias ● PTSD ● Relationship Conflicts ● Sexual Abuse ● Stress Management ● Women's Issues

Facilitators of Positive Change

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